April 2, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States Of America
Record Exchange

This in-store, much like the last one, left little impression on me. What did leave an impression on all of us was the ride home. You see, we got bored, so we decided to play a little game. MSG and I were riding in the mini-van and Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs were driving in another car. So on the trip down the highway, Daddy thought it would be funny to piss in a cup and get in front of us and throw it out his window so it would splash our mini-van.

MSG and I thought this was funny, so we decided at the next rest stop to have some fun as well. We bought a chocolate bar, chewed it up, spit it into a napkin and placed it on Daddy's passenger seat. It looked like shit, but we didn't think anyone would be convinced, we just thought it would be funny. Later that evening after various shots of Jimmy Pop's ass as their car passed us and various retaliations of SkipO'Pot2Mus' ass as we passed them, we all decided to stop in McDonald's to take a whizz. As soon as we were parked, Daddy came running towards us with a cup and told us he had shit in it. He threatened to throw it on us, but we all scattered and he dropped the cup as he ran, spilling the poo out onto the asphalt. What happened next is the grossest thing I've ever been a part of. While our car load was in the bathroom, Jimmy Pop picked up the poop and proceeded to smear it all over our windshield, our door handles, everywhere on the car. When we got back we knew something was up, so we had Space Rock (our sound engineer) get a box of tissues and wipe the handles clean. Luckily we didn't touch that. When we got into the car we realized there was a thin veneer of poop all over the windshield. Looking at it made us sick, but Daddy and Jimmy were already on their way out of the parking lot, so we followed them. We had the heat on, because it was cold out that night and the smell of poop started to waft in through the vents. There is nothing sicker then the smell of hot poo. I started to dry heave and we had to pull the car over while I went into some bushes and puked my brains out. Space Rock and MSG cleaned the car and weren't too happy about it. We decided there would be no retaliation on our parts, cause if they were sick enough to do that, they'd do much worse next time. I will never forget this day.