April 5, 1994

By AlekseyFr / 15.11.2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

This was a show put together by some of my friends who belonged to the group Refuse And Resist. They were a political organization, that I think still exists. They decided to put on a show to help raise awareness for Mumia Abu Jamal, the Philadelphia writer and M.O.V.E. supporter who was jailed for killing a cop. Rage Against the Machine did a lot of work for him when they got bigger (they were just starting around this time).

The show was pretty empty, but is notable for two reasons. One, it was the sole appearance of White Steve with the Bloodhound Gang and two, there was the famous quote from Jimmy Pop that I never forget and has been talked about in interviews since. During a break between songs Jimmy Pop said "Oh, wait, this is for Mumia Abu Jamal, I thought it was for Malcolm Jamal Warner" (Bill Cosby's son on "The Cosby Show"). I cracked up, but the promoters of the show thought it was very tasteless, freeing the Bloodhound Gang from ever being asked to play benefit concerts.