August 16, 1994

By AlekseyFr / 15.11.2012

New York, New York, United States Of America

Apparently Jimmy Pop had spoken to a guy who wanted to sign them and this was a showcase sort of show for Bloodhound Gang. The guy, Avery Lipman (now our manager and owner of Republic Records), had seen the cover to The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To Hitler's Handicapped Helpers in someone's office at Sony (they had it on their "Wall Of Shame") and thought it looked interesting. Him and his brother, Monte Lipman, had just started a label, Cheese Factory Records, and were looking for a new band.

So they called Jimmy Pop and decided to come check them out at C.B.G.B. Of course, because there was an impending record deal hanging in the balance, the band put on an awesome show. I'll never forget the sight of SkipO'Pot2Mus taking his shirt off onstage and dancing around. It was quite a sight. The show went really well and afterwards we had a chat with Avery. The band was really cool considering I wasn't "in" the band, but they treated me like part of the family. The Bloodhound Gang was signing to Cheese Factory Records, how excited was I? My friends in a signed band! It seems so far away when I think about it.