December 2, 1994

By AlekseyFr / 15.11.2012

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

The G-Spot was a garage below my friend Sef and Weller's apartment. They had these great shows there and the G-Spot was known in Kutztown University for being a wild place. I remember being so hot and sweaty at this show and while we were all inside playing and getting drunk, it snowed. When we finished we all went outside, because it was so hot and everyone was ready to pass out. The snow was like heaven that night, just so cold that it was a huge relief from being inside this tiny garage.

The Kutztown shows were out of control everytime and Bloodhound Gang always remembers them as fun shows. We made a lot of fans at those early shows, some of whom still come to shows and ask if we remember them. We usually don't, cause at those shows life was about getting drunk and making out with girls, not remembering people. We still see Weller and Sef sometimes at shows and they're always invited backstage. Those guys helped us out early in our careers, when nobody knew our name.