December 31, 1993

By AlekseyFr / 12.11.2012

Woxall, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Woxall New Year's Eve Bash

This is the first time I ever saw the Bloodhound Gang live, well, almost. Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs invited me to come see them in a place called Woxall. Of course, at this point in my life, I knew nothing of Woxall, funny how things change. I remember walking up to the house with my friends and spotting a tall guy, wearing a "Hot Rod" t-shirt and a kilt. I asked him if this was the place and he said yes. He introduced himself as Evil Jared. Little did I know I would come to be friends with him through the years and understand exactly why they called him "Evil".

When I got into the house, it was quite a scene, kegs everywhere, drunk people loitering about, and a T.V. set in every room showing Howard Stern's New Year's Eve Special. Literally in every room, even the bathroom and the attic. By the time we got inside, we had missed Bloodhound Gang's set, but I did get to see Evil Jared's band, Bloodphart, play. There was also a bit of a freak show that night, with Evil eating live animals and Tim Turzo (brother of Jeff Turzo of God Lives Underwater) sticking pins through his flesh and using an electric stun gun repeatedly on himself. Quite a night actually.