September 23, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States Of America
Club Neo

We played this club once before, when Daddy Long Legs was in the band. It's more of a dance club, so it's not really our style, but the show went well. I guess it has to do with the large population of military personel in the area. They all just want to have a good time.

September 22, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States Of America
Mercury Theatre

We stayed in town yesterday with some friends from Knoxville. We had a good time hanging out at their house, but before we met up with them, I remember how miserable we were. It started to rain and we were sitting in a McDonald's parking lot, where we had slept the night before.

September 21, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Mongantown, West Virginia, United States Of America
Nyabhingi Dance Hall

Our first real tour! Well, at least that's what we're calling it. It's more like a string of shows put together, but now that I've been on real tours, I wouldn't call this a "tour". Daddy Long Legs has bowed out of this tour due to financial reasons. He says he can't afford to do the tour and pay his bills. We've elected to take Evil Jared out with us as a roadie and van driver (and owner of the van) and also have asked him to join us on stage as a back up. SkipO'Pot2Mus and M.S.G. have stepped up to take over Daddy's lines in the songs.

September 15, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Yet another G-Spot show. Funny that we're signed to a major label and playing shows (some of our best) in a friend's garage. Just goes to show you that its not all instant stardom after you get signed. I always thought it was, but this experience has certainly taught me a lot about the true facts of the industry.

September 14, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Danbury, Connecticut, United States Of America
Tuxedo Junction

We haven't played too many shows outside of Pennsylvania and New York, so this was a bit exciting for us. The show wasn't anything to brag about. Tensions are running high amongst the band these days.

September 9, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

New York, New York, United States Of America
A.K.A. (C.M.J. Showcase)

Tonight we meet up with the Lordz of Brooklyn again. Its a showcase for C.M.J.'s annual gathering. Every year C.M.J. (College Music Journal) put together a weekend of shows for the benefit of the college radio industry. Tons of bands, too many shows, and a lot of people not sleeping much.

September 8, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Woxall, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Woxall House Party

This is our last appearance ever at the Woxall House. Tonight the show got out of hand. I remember the minute we started the crowd started jumping and Daddy Long Legs threw a beer into the air. The beer splashed the light fixture, shorting it out and we played the set in the dark. It was fucking insane.

September 7, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Middle East

Yet another home town show. The local radio station, WDRE, has been letting us play at all of their local shows. Pretty nice of them, although we get played on their local show, the parent station (out of New York) never plays us. We get some radio play from them, but considering we're a local band that's signed to a major label, they ignore us for the most part.

August 30, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

New York, New York, United States Of America
The Wetlands

Normally I wouldn't mention a show like this, because we never played this show. The only reason I do, is because I still remember this show for what happened. The day of the show I got a call from Daddy Long Legs saying Jimmy Pop was sick and I was going to have to call and cancel with The Wetlands. When I told the booking agent for the club, he said to me, "If you don't show up tonight, you will never play this club again!" We didn't show and we never did play The Wetlands ever again.

August 14, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

George, Washington, United States Of America
The Gorge At George (KUBE Summer Jam)

Quite possibly one of the most fucked up shows we've ever played. The lineup? Monika, Brandy, Naughty By Nature, Mokenstef, Skee-Lo, U.N.V., a surprise appearance by Montell Jordan, and us. Can you spot which band doesn't fit? This place is a 20,000 seat outdoor ampitheatre and it was packed!