January 23, 1994

By AlekseyFr / 15.11.2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Group Motion

This is the first show I ever booked with Bloodhound Gang. My band at the time, Uncle Otto's Truck had rented out a small hall in downtown Philly to do shows at and we invited Bloodhound Gang to play. I remember Spirit Assembly played, at the time they were a favorite of mine (from Lancaster, Pennsylvania). It's hard to remember much about these shows, 'cause I was running them.

So I kept busy most of the day running about and making sure things went smoothly. About 400 people showed up, which for us was awesome. I remember looking around during the Bloodhound Gang set and watching everyone go nuts. People loved the Bloodhound Gang and I was one of them. During their set, the band blew one of the P.A. speakers and Daddy Long Legs asked if everyone wanted them to stop or to continue ,even though it was going to sound pretty bad. The crowd voted unanimously for them to continue, so the band asked everyone to shift to the left towards the good speaker and the crowd did exactly that. How fucking bad did everyone want to hear them?