July 15, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Houston, Texas, United States Of America
104 KRBE Show

Columbia Records flew us down to Houston, Texas for some promotion. We were all excited. It rained every few minutes, a complete downpour, then it would get sunny for awhile, then it would go back to rain. It was really weird weather. While we were driving down the highway (in two cars) to an interview, we decided to play bumper cars. Not a good idea on a freeway, but it was funny at the time. Brett (our manager) didn't think it was too funny. The show itself was more of an appearance than anything, kind of like the one we recently did in Providence, Rhode Island.

Afterwards we signed a shit load of autographs. I remember M.S.G. and I convinced two girls to take our places while we went and got a beer. People didn't even notice or care that two girls were signing autographs for us. The people had no idea who we were, they just figured if we were famous, then they should get our autographs. At one point SkipO'Pot2Mus and I went to the bathroom and discovered that the toliets in the club had nothing but low walls around them. Basically you could sit down to have a shit and chat with the guy next to you. It was creepy so I stuck to the urinal.