March 24, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Orono, Maine, United States Of America
Ram's Horn

Early in the day we did a radio interview for the college station here. During the course of the interview we each managed to say the word "fuck" more than once. Not a big deal, except the word is one of the words you can't say on American radio. We met Joby today, who later went on to be Jimmy Pop's girlfriend and the inspiration for "Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny" and "Three Point One Four". When we met her, she was actually insulted by us. Being a college bred feminist, she was offended by our language, subject matter, and lyrics.

She actually came to the show to protest it, but by the end of the show, she was rocking out with us and making eyes at our very own Jimmy Pop. After they talked and she grilled him about the lyrics, she actually started to like us. Weird. Today is also an important day in history for us. Columbia Records have made us an offer. We're about to be signed to a major label deal. On the way home the next day, everyone felt a bit odd. I think it was just the butterflies in our stomachs over the thought of getting signed. Another memorable moment from my history with the band occured as well, Jimmy Pop ate blueberry pancakes that morning and on the way home, threw up in a bag (we couldn't pull over fast enough). His puke was this sickening blue color. I can still see it in my head. We pulled over to get rid of the bag (it smelled) so Daddy Long Legs decided to twirl it around and toss it up into the air. The mess it made was gross and made us all feel a bit nauseous.