The Bad Touch (1999)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

The Bad Touch
In the video, the band, dressed in a monkey onesie, runs free in various locations in Paris. They use blowguns to knock out four women with tranquilizer darts and carry them away, they also use a croissant on a fishing rod to have three Italian chef to follow them.

They hit two stereotypically gay men with baguettes and they capture a dwarf mime artist and put them in a cage along with the women and the chefs. At the end of the song, all the captured are set free and they dance along with the band in the street. The mime escapes but is ran over by a man driving a Renault 5.
In the uncensored version, the band plays and eats a brown semi-liquid food (looking like feces), they also mime a doggy style sex position.
The video was seen as very controversial.