Fire Water Burn (1997)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

Fire Water Burn
This video features the band performing in a retirement home's cafeteria. As the song progresses, Jimmy Pop leaves the stage and performs numerous spontaneous actions in front of a group of the members of the retirement home, including dancing on tables and making awkward facial gestures.

The video comes to a climax when the elderly notice the band, and are exhilarated by their performance. With the retirement home now filled with a rock concert kind of atmosphere, the band exits the stage with several of the senior citizens. The final shot of the video reveals that the retirement home was specially for for the deaf.

The video was introduced by Pat Minfield (portrayed by Pop), in a parody of Matt Pinfield, the host of MTV's music video show 120 Minutes (which is presented in the video as 120 Midgets).