Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (2005)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
As the camera slowly zooms in on him, Pop is seen using his finger to signal the viewer to come towards him as he mouths the words "Come here, let me fuck you". The music video shows Bam Margera, driving down a Pennsylvania highway in the Banana car. While he is driving, he sees some girls performing sexually suggestive activities in wet bikinis, poking fun at Benny Benassi's controversial "Satisfaction" video, while the band performs in a tunnel. It is also noted that the girls are wearing a hard hat with the Pennsylvania National Guard insignia (Keystone).

When Bam drives the banana-mobile (the car is by Margera's friend, Seth Meisterman) up to the tunnel (whose entrance is topped by a wild grapevine growing in the shape of trimmed female pubic hair), he proceeds to gaze, enchanted by it, then drives through it, therefore making the biggest of all the innuendos. The video ends with Bam thrusting a banana to a man in a Speedo (with rainbow suspenders) who consumes it by mimicking fellatio. The video also features Mark the bagger at the very beginning saying "Fish don't fry in the kitchen".