The Inevitable Return of The Great White Dope (2000)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

The Inevitable Return of The Great White Dope
This song, used in the movie Scary Movie is the fifth single of the band's album "Hooray for boobies".
In the video Jimmy Pop dances with actress Carmen Electra who happens to kill all of the band members throughout the video: she runs over Jared and Lupus with a red hummer, throws a stereo in a pool to electrocute Willie the new guy and Dj Q-Ball whose bodies you can see during the rest of the video.

Jimmy Pop keeps on dancing but is more and more scared of Carmen and ends up throwing her off a balcony. At this moment, the killer from Scary Movie chases after Jimmy but is run over by a guy in a monkey suit driving a Renault 5 (that same scene was already in the bad touch video).