Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me (1996)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

Why Everybody Always Picking On Me
At the beginning of the video, Jimmy Pop is in a psychiatrist's office, doctor Scott P. Nussenvy that then tries to hypnotize Jimmy bringing him back to his high school time when he started to be katagelophobic. During the video Jimmy is constantly pickin on by other high school students including the other band members.

The video ends with the band putting Jimmy in a straitjacket and on a wheelchair to finally throwing him down the stairs after what the following text appears on screen: "Jimmy's former classmates all suffered from hemorrhoids. Luckily for them, Jimmy went on to become a successful proctologist."
The video has many puns in it, starting with the doctor's name, with the homecoming queen named Ivana Getchuharde and the school team, the Wannagett Beavers.
According to one of the band member, the clothes they all wear in the video were clothes they actually wore as students.