November 3, 1992

By AlekseyFr / 12.11.2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Lincoln High School

This is one of those shows that I didn't make it to. Jimmy Pop has told me the story of this one for years, mainly because of two things. First, a teacher from his old middle school was there. He apparently had been transferred to Lincoln High because he liked to soap up little white boys in the shower.

Jim has never told me that he was one of those boys, but it sure would explain a lot of his weird behavior. The other reason that this show sticks out in his head, is that there was a rapper named Modavador G there. He was a rapper who rapped about positive things in order to "motivate" kids to stay in school and do the right things in life. The chorus of his "single" went like this:

Are you the motivator?
Yeah, that's me!
So whatcha here to preach?
That's the name of this song!
'Cause Modavador G!
Got it going on!

I guess he fancied himself some sort of KRS-One for the kids. You know, dropping science and all that stuff. Back in these days, positive thinking in rap was kind of the style du jour, so its no surprise really. Funny to think that the Bloodhound Gang was paired with someone like that though.