October 28, 1994

By AlekseyFr / 15.11.2012

Woxall, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Woxall House Party

This was my first ever show with Bloodhound Gang. After Todd The D.J. had quit during a rehearsal, I was asked to join as the new D.J. of the band. I didn't know how to D.J. at all, but that didn't matter. Years later, we would admit in interviews that I never D.J.ed a show at all, I was just back their faking it and I was mainly there for back up vocals, nothing more. I did know where every scratch in every song was though. For those of you that aren't from "back in the day" as some people would say, let me explain.

Woxall is a small town in Pennsylvania, as Evil Jared would say "the place only has one stop light." Evil lived in the house with a bunch of friends of his. These people liked several things; beer, guns, women, music, and parties. So they figured what better place to combine them all then at their own house parties. The entire house was designed around these parties. When you arrived at a Woxall party, there was little furniture, the cupboards were all locked shut, and all the phones had been removed from the house. The Woxall Gang would provide some snacks (usually a bowl of chips), lots of beer (there was a keg in almost every room), and oddly enough, free cigarettes. Jimmy Pop and I would always bring an empty pack or two of cigarettes and as soon as we got into the party, we'd fill them up from the giant bowls of loose cigarettes. You had to make sure you got there early enough though, cause inevitably someone would piss in the bowl. Weird place, but always a good time.