September 21, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Mongantown, West Virginia, United States Of America
Nyabhingi Dance Hall

Our first real tour! Well, at least that's what we're calling it. It's more like a string of shows put together, but now that I've been on real tours, I wouldn't call this a "tour". Daddy Long Legs has bowed out of this tour due to financial reasons. He says he can't afford to do the tour and pay his bills. We've elected to take Evil Jared out with us as a roadie and van driver (and owner of the van) and also have asked him to join us on stage as a back up. SkipO'Pot2Mus and M.S.G. have stepped up to take over Daddy's lines in the songs.

The van that we are using for the tour is Evil's, at least that's how the day started. After loading our equipment and merchandise in the van at Evil's house in rural Pennsylvania, we headed down to Center City Philadelphia to pick up a mattress from my house (which I shared with SkipO'Pot2Mus) to complete the bed we had created in the van. After squeezing the mattress into the van (it was bigger than we had thought), we headed back towards King Of Prussia, where we would be jumping on the Turnpike to cross Pennsylvania on our way to West Virginia. Just as we approached the exit, the van started to make really weird noises. Apparently, something had blown on the van. We hadn't even started our tour and already it was in peril. Ugh. We pulled over at a gas station and after careful inspection, Evil announced the van was dead. We wound up renting a van and heading out towards West Virginia in a new fifteen passenger van. Speeding down the roadway, we also realized that we were going to very late. Not only because of the set back of the broken van, but because the directions we had gotten off of the computer were shit. They sent us down a very slow road that although labeled a "highway" was more like a rural road. There were stop lights, slow cars, and a lot of business traffic through small towns. It looked like we'd never make it on time, but we finally did. I can't remember the name of the band we played with, although somewhere I have a sticker of them. They were a hardcore band, that much I do remember. The show was miserable. The opening band watched us and we watched them. The only other person in the bar was a regular and he was about forty five and a regular drinker. We had a bit of a drive so we left early.