September 27, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

Atlanta, Georgia, United States Of America

The Masquerade is an old mill of some sort and an awesome building to have a club in. The place was immense, but of course when we played there weren't that many people there, although there were more than normal. Strangely enough, it was also goth night here (as it was in Jacksonville, Florida) so we spent most of the night watching them dance. I also remember sitting in a downstairs bar watching Outbreak (with Dustin Hoffman saving the world from infected monkeys).

I always love how my brain has the capacity to remember stuff like that, but I can't remember to take out the trash half the time. We also met our biggest fan, Fat Don, at this show. I remember something about his brother being sick and how he wanted to come to the show, but couldn't, so, we signed a bunch of stuff and had a beer with Fat Don. He still comes to shows and is still our biggest fan, although last time I saw him he had lost a lot of weight. Ouch, that was a bad joke, wasn't it?