September 9, 1995

By AlekseyFr / 29.11.2012

New York, New York, United States Of America
A.K.A. (C.M.J. Showcase)

Tonight we meet up with the Lordz of Brooklyn again. Its a showcase for C.M.J.'s annual gathering. Every year C.M.J. (College Music Journal) put together a weekend of shows for the benefit of the college radio industry. Tons of bands, too many shows, and a lot of people not sleeping much.

During our show, Paulie Two-Times (Lordz of Brooklyn) caught on to the fact that I wasn't really He couldn't believe it. I guess I had faked him out all the times we played with him. He gave me so much shit for that. Tonight was full of meeting college radio people and having drinks, so it's all a bit hazy.