Interview with Jimmy Pop at Livid Festival (10-04-97)

By AlekseyFr / 08.10.2012

1. Interview
2. Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?
3. Jimmy Pop - Promo/Homer Simpson Impersonation

Why’s Everybody Always Pickin On Me

By AlekseyFr / 07.10.2012

Why is everbody always pickin’ on me?The morn’ that I was born my old man beat up the doctor
He clocked the doctor cause the doctor said I looked like Chewbacca
The doctor said sir you’re misled sir which infers you mistook me
I did not mean your lovely wife was shackin’ up with a wookie

Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me (1996)

By AlekseyFr / 02.10.2012

Why Everybody Always Picking On Me
At the beginning of the video, Jimmy Pop is in a psychiatrist's office, doctor Scott P. Nussenvy that then tries to hypnotize Jimmy bringing him back to his high school time when he started to be katagelophobic. During the video Jimmy is constantly pickin on by other high school students including the other band members.